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What is Masteron?

Masteron Steroids (available as Masteron E and Masteron P) is an injectable steroid sold by a variety of renowned brands such as Proton Pharma. It is extremely powerful since it has both androgenic and anti-estrogenic properties.

How Does it Work?

Therefore, it is used both for anabolic purposes and to treat breast cancer. Masteron, in particular, contains 200 milligrams/ml of Masteron which goes a long way if you are building your body for the long run.

Consumption of Masteron tremendously enhances the testosterone levels of the user. It also spikes their blood levels to rise. As a result, the amount of plasma in the user’s body is increased and they witness fuller musculature. The anti-estrogenic properties of Masteron allow users to build muscle without having to worry about estrogenic symptoms such as gynecomastia. It is worth noting that Masteron can be somewhat slow-acting. Hence, it is the perfect drug for a bulking phase. 

How To Take Masteron?

Masteron is an anabolic steroid that is sold in a liquid form only. To take it, one must inject it into their muscle tissues. As for the dosage, it varies from individual to individual. Hence, we highly recommend consulting a doctor before going ahead with this steroid.


Similar to any other anabolic steroid, Masteron users must be extra cautious before injecting it. Any incompatibility may lead to serious side effects. Make sure you follow the right amount of dosage for the prescribed period. You should also make sure to visit your doctor weekly for health checkups. This will help monitor your health and allow you to act accordingly. 

Side Effects

Some common side effects with Masteron include:


Increased body hair growth

Voice change

Change in natural libido levels

Virilization (if the dosage is high) in women

Oily skin

Buy Masteron Online

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