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Turinabol 10 mg – Oral Steroids

Turinabol is also known as Tbol is an oral steroid and is available as 10 mg tablets. It is an androgenic anabolic steroid and comparatively mild than other steroids. It is used to improve endurance and increase muscle mass for bodybuilders. Turinabol is the derivative of Dianabol. Turinabol can also be used along with testosterone due to two reasons;

  •   Firstly, it is to achieve better and speedy results.
  •   Secondly, Turinabol reduces the level of testosterone in the user’s body. Therefore, it helps maintain protein breakdown in the user’s body when they are in the cycle.


Dosage of every steroid depends on the body’s tolerance. However, sometimes there are standard doses that can be used by those who can tolerate the steroids well. For instance, beginners can take 20 mg every day for a month whereas advanced users may take 40 mg daily for one and a half months.

However, the women are advised to start and take the lowest dose that is 5 – 10 mg daily.

What can be the Possible Side Effects of Using Turinabol?

However, Turinabol 10 mg is one of the lightest steroids but side effects can be experienced by those who take doses more than 75 mg daily. Some side effects may include:

·              Increased risk of heart diseases,

·              Higher cholesterol level,

·              Liver damage in the form of jaundice or hepatitis.

What Precautionary Measures can you Take?

It is advised not to start using steroids without consulting the doctor. It is important as it helps in knowing if you are allergic to any of the ingredients present in the medicine. In case, if you are already suffering from any disorder then it may get worse.

From where can you Buy Turinabol 10?

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