Buying steroids had never been so easy but now Anabolic Shop has provided a new way of purchasing steroids online just by visiting the online anabolic steroids selling store in the UK and placing your order with a complete range of anabolic steroids.

Anabolic Shop offers you services at your doorway by providing you the desired product without any effort. The process of buying steroids at Anabolic Shop is quite easy and that is, visit the link choose your preferred product and fill the details and there it is!!

Though buying steroids from Anabolic Shop is easy but it is very important to know about certain policies that we have set and we want you to be aware of them while you buy steroids from the online store. The main reason for such policies is to provide our esteemed customers a clear knowledge in the form of return and refund policy so that you can enjoy shopping and buying steroids from us.

Return or Refund Policy of Anabolic Shop

We at Anabolic Shop provide the best quality products to our customers with complete dedication, keeping their health related issues, their pocket and above all their dreams to have a good shape in view. Since selling online drugs is not so easy and involves risk factors as well. Therefore, if any of the customers is not found satisfied after the purchase or changes his mind and wants to cancel the steroid he/she has ordered then, in such a case we don’t offer a return but we do have Refund Policy. Anabolic Shop does not consider it safe to get a steroid back once delivered, therefore, we offer the refund policy so that the customer must not feel bad after purchasing the steroid from us.

•    How can you claim a refund from Anabolic Shop?

It is really simple to claim refund and that is, to claim a return and refund, you need to send an email to us and claim the refund by telling us if any of the following issues were observed:

  •           Inappropriate steroid,
  •           Damaged packaging or seemed to have opened during the delivery 
  •           process,
  •           Inappropriate prescribed amount,
  •           Different company’s steroid was delivered.
  •           Customer experienced a severe reaction.
  •           The expiry date is due in the next 3 months.

 Anabolic Shop offers a simple refund policy to the customers and does not make them suffer if the delivered item is found with any of the above mentioned imperfections.

·      In how many days can you claim your refund?

The refund can be claimed within 5 days after receiving the product. What you need to do is to:

  •           Send us an email on the email address provided on the    website and
  •           Mention your order consignment number and the delivery date.
  •           Mention the issue you faced.
  •           Then claim the refund.

Since it is clearly mentioned that the refund can be claimed within 5 days therefore, any refund claimed after the time will not be considered. Therefore, it is suggested to make sure that the product received is properly packed or not to avoid any inconvenience.

•    How to cancel or stop the delivery?

The order can only be cancelled in the case if it is not shipped. Once shipped that will be delivered and then the refund policy will have to be followed. Therefore, make sure while you buy steroids at Anabolic Shop to avoid problems. If you have any query you can certainly call our customer support team for details.

We respect our valued customers and firmly believe that your fitness is our priority. We want our customers to feel good while they buy steroids from Anabolic Shop. However, due to the health risk we prohibit the return of any sold item.